Friday, June 3, 2016

UV Resin and the Nasty Syringe Tip

If your a fly tyer, chances are you use UV cured resin. If your like me and use a syringe it makes life easier. Clear Cure Goo has a way of clogging the syringe tips. No matter what I do I cant seem to completely remove resin blockages. SO FRUSTRATING.

The easiest remedy is :

1. Boil water in pot
2. Drop in Syringe tip
3. Remove Syringe tip with Straining spoon
4. Hold tip in fingers by the plastic (orange) end. The metal will be hot!
5. Insert needle repeatedly.

You will have a clean tip which flows smoothly and effortlessly.
Now you don't have to spend extra money on accessory tips. Happy tying!

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