Friday, October 6, 2017

My man Garret with the Freshwater bonefish of the day.

It's quite humbling when you teach someone to fish and they out fish you! There comes a point when you have your cast down, you read water... and you  catch  more fish. Garett found that crossing point. Now is when you realize...

AHA! This will never end!


My follow up to the biggest fish of the night.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Largemouth vs Smallmouth Bass

A friend of mine sends me this picture of a recent catch.

He had been telling me how he had been catching Large-mouth in a system that had previously never had any; a system I have fished for 30 years.I recall telling him that when the great flood happened 6 years ago all manner of fish spilled into the creek from other systems (i.e  farmers ponds, lakes, other creeks).

It never occurred to me the bruisers I had been catching recently were Largemouth. I wasn't quite sure how to tell the difference. Then, I found this!

If the jaw extends past the eye its a Largemouth, to the center of the eye its a Smallmouth. Imagine my surprise that my home water has fish I always wished were there. When you think about it, fishing can be a communal act and we learn more when we learn and share together. 

Thursday, July 20, 2017


The thing that I love most about fly-fishing is that it never gets old; or when it does it is easy to re-engage my interest. Spey casting, Tenkara, Czech nymphing... There are so many ways to pursue our piscatorial admiration. I took out my Orvis water skeeter (one man pontoon boat) this evening. Did I forgot to mention flats, reef, brook, stream, creek, river, pond, lake, levy. The choices to keep me engaged compound exponentially. Today I chose pond.

Heavily over grown with weeds, algae, water grass, and other aquatic flora and fauna; It looks like Pickerel water. The choices continue to expand...topwater, streamers, nymphs.

It is Chain Pickerel water. It was my first time fishing this new place and it will be another choice to keep me peering down the rabbit hole(s) at all my many options.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Resin Update

I have recently changed resins for fly tying. Loon Outdoors is in my opinion the best. I am a fan of FlyFishFood and buy online from these guys (Utah based) and have tied many of their patterns displayed on their YouTube channel. These guys do their homework. There is an in depth review on their site of UV resins.

Cheech's Resin Shootout:

Curtis and Cheech (FlyFishFood) YouTube Channel:

Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Game Changer (ALEKA Flyrods)

Don't  let the title fool you. I am not talking about Blane Chockletts articulated masterpiece.

The Game Changer

If your tired of paying big money to have a great fly rod there is a solution. I stumbled across Aleka fly rods while fishing with a friend.

I remember being highly skeptical when I saw their ads in the mags we all read. I told my friend he was wasting his money when he informed me he was going to fork out cash for one. I was trying to "help" him because it was his first flyrod and I had introduced Nate to flyfishing.

Fastforward. We are fishing the Catskills in a remote spring creek and he has it with him. I decided to for go my apprehension and give it a try. After the first 60 foot cast with his 5 weight I recall comparing his Aleka A4 to my affordable Redington Crosswater. I believe lifeless cadaver was the way I described my rod compared to his.

"Nate! How much did you pay for this"?
"140", replied Nate.
The shit eating grin on his face said it all.

I showed up to pick him up for our next trip weeks later. I commended him for not listening to my original statements about the company. Among Nate's gear was a brand new Aleka A8 6 weight.

"Its for you, Dave. Thanks for getting me into flyfishing".

Nates a great friend and Aleka is a great fly rod maker. Check them out for yourself.

PS... This is not a paid endorsement. I don't think Aleka needs the support from the 11 subscribers on my blog, they will do fine on their own!

Thanks again, Nate. My A8!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Small beginnings in Spring

My brother and I hit the local reservoir today. The wind was blowing 20, I was thinking 9 and 12 not 10 and 2. The fishing was lousy but that didn't dampen our spirits.  Persistence doesn't always pay  rewards...but it can and sometimes they are small rewards.

Been fishing for 35 years and still happy with a bluegill!

Chris with the Lunker of the day.

I would have been disappointed with the day if I didn't have my best friend with me. Your a wild man Totes MaGoats!