Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Where are the trutta, salmo that is!

Been a while since I, children, etc. 

This is the gateway to a beautiful stretch of the Schenevus Creek that to my knowledge holds no fish. Once I saw a dead brown of 9 inches... I guess he didn't survive the DEC drop.

It is a beautiful stretch of river which should hold trout but doesn't. The cow pasture on the other side of this barbwire bridge could be the culprit but wouldn't there still be trout holding? THE PLOT THICKENS!



Time to go home, no rises, no trout pushing water. Thank goodness for summer time Small-mouth. I haven't
given up on this stretch and wont for some time. The cows weren't out to pasture this year and that could improve the situation next year.....fingers crossed.

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