Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hello Roscoe!

In October my father, brother, and I touched down in Roscoe NY for our annual autumn endeavors. What a beautiful time of year.

Dad in front of the Gas station in Roscoe...... not the first ground trout we would catch! The majority of our time was spent on the 'Beave and the Willow. We also got in some nice time on the East branch.

While on the Upper Beaverkill Dad lit into a beautiful wild, colorful, male Brown of 14 inches.... or maybe it lit into him. I was trying to explain seconds before this picture was taken how game the Upper 'Beave wild browns can be when he lost grip on the trout and it darted back to its sanctuary of pocket water. At least Dad wasn't heavy handed the little guy.

We concluded that, "Wild trout don't like having their picture taken"!

The trip was a great reflection of life and a needed part of the Phillips family spirit. We have no pictures of fish to post... on family trips we get so into our thing that we forget to take pictures. I went fishless. A couple of LDR's but thats life!

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