Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Game Changer (ALEKA Flyrods)

Don't  let the title fool you. I am not talking about Blane Chockletts articulated masterpiece.

The Game Changer

If your tired of paying big money to have a great fly rod there is a solution. I stumbled across Aleka fly rods while fishing with a friend.

I remember being highly skeptical when I saw their ads in the mags we all read. I told my friend he was wasting his money when he informed me he was going to fork out cash for one. I was trying to "help" him because it was his first flyrod and I had introduced Nate to flyfishing.

Fastforward. We are fishing the Catskills in a remote spring creek and he has it with him. I decided to for go my apprehension and give it a try. After the first 60 foot cast with his 5 weight I recall comparing his Aleka A4 to my affordable Redington Crosswater. I believe lifeless cadaver was the way I described my rod compared to his.

"Nate! How much did you pay for this"?
"140", replied Nate.
The shit eating grin on his face said it all.

I showed up to pick him up for our next trip weeks later. I commended him for not listening to my original statements about the company. Among Nate's gear was a brand new Aleka A8 6 weight.

"Its for you, Dave. Thanks for getting me into flyfishing".

Nates a great friend and Aleka is a great fly rod maker. Check them out for yourself.

PS... This is not a paid endorsement. I don't think Aleka needs the support from the 11 subscribers on my blog, they will do fine on their own!

Thanks again, Nate. My A8!

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