Tuesday, March 22, 2016

High Mountain...Early Spring

You can never get out to early in the spring. If your purpose is to catch trout, well; perhaps there is such a thing as "to early". As I wandered up the stream I felt the unmistakable sensation of insects crawling on my neck.

My pattern of the little black stonefly was about three sizes to large.

As I crossed through a marshy area between two clumps of barren cat-tails; this orange bellied newt greeted me. The area was also home to a beaver family.

Native brook trout are elusive in this stream. So were the beavers on this day.

Nate leading the way on our visit to the head waters. As we sat and talked birds joined us in conversation. The gurgling of the brook and the light cool breeze drifting across my skin reminded that, "Damn I should have brought a sweater".

As I hoped in the car and cranked the heat up, still wet from wading in boots and jeans, I had to laugh. I said to myself before this trip that I wouldn't wet wade. There will be many more trips this year. Chances are that I will break many more of the common sense rules I swear I'll follow... All in the pursuit of trout.

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