Saturday, January 12, 2013

Spey Hooks....MYO

Let me start by saying that typical spey hooks are expensive as hell. I have found that if your not fishing salt-water there are alternatives.

Mustad 3665A Limerick Bend Streamer Hook

1. Put hook in the vise.

2.With pliers, bend hook to slightly arc shank downward. I start at the back of the shank and move forward to get a supple curve.  

3. Take a regular lighter and heat by positioning the flame in the center of the eyelet for approximately 30-45 seconds. Use the blue not red part of the flame.

4. Bend eyelet up in stages of about 3-5 or 2 if your in a rush. You may need to reheat hook once or twice. Make sure to let the hook cool on it's own or you will further weaken it.... NO WATER!

5. Wha-la! You now have a spey hook.



 Don't be afraid to experiment with making caddis/emerger/larva hooks.....the only thing limiting you is imagination and of course, hooks.

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