Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Salmon River (Ball Park)

It is fall and the salmon are staging to spawn. Consistency on the lower Salmon River.... both in crowds and in Salmon. From what I hear the DSR has epic runs of Chinook. I fished the ball park September 7th. People where hooking up left and right. I use the same methods for Salmon that I due for other fish and refuse to change or deviate from conventional methods. In the end the main question is ... How bad do you want to land a fish? To each their own.

A Dead Chinook found streamside

I continued to work upstream, downstream, upstream, downstream....etc. Finally my efforts paid off with this beauty.

A Domestic Suck-Bow or Garbagisius Familius

I didn't catch any salmon but had a great time and met plenty of good people. Thanks to Matt and Mike for taking the time to acclimate me and share some great conversation. I wont head back to the Salmon until the Steelhead enter the system. Hopefully, the crowds will be thinned out buy then.

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